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SKU: 1991

BTR LS twin turbo stage 3 V2 camshaft

Cam specs are 226/24X, .618″/.618″, 115 LSA and comes with a 3 bolt cam gear pattern

Our new BTR Twin Turbo V2 camshaft lineup features an option for every level of your twin turbo experience. Unlike its smaller brethren, the Stage 3 V2 twin turbo camshaft is geared towards the drag strip specific crowd.¬†Developed in house, we went back to the drawing board in search of more power and torque ,even with the use of less intake duration. These new BTR lobe designs were Spintron tested to help achieve the highest overall power curve while also maintaining strict valvetrain stability and durability standards.¬† Larger twin turbos (minimum 66mm) paired with a 6.0+ combination will easily exceed four digit horsepower territory with good fuel and tuning and the extra overlap provided will let the competition know you mean business. If you’re running smaller 58-65mm turbochargers, stepping down to the Stage 2 TT cam is a better option.

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