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BTR LS twinturbo stage 4 V2 camshaft

Cam specs are 230/25X .618″/.618″ 116 LSA and comes with a 3 bolt timing gear pattern.

The new BTR Twin Turbo Stage 4 V2 cam was designed for use in serious effort stock stroke applications.  Developed in house, we went back to the drawing board in search of more power and torque ,even with the use of less intake duration. These new BTR lobe designs were Spintron tested to help achieve the highest overall power curve while also maintaining strict valvetrain stability and durability standards.

Paired with larger 70+ mm turbos , this camshaft will help you move some serious air. For you folks who may have a street/strip 408″ bottom end spinning large enough turbos , this new cam can also be a very good fit, although you may want to look into our 400″ Twin Turbo cam lineup.

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