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Nuke steel mounting bracket for Remote filler cap

A steel mounting bracket with M6 threads for a simple and secure installation of the Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap.This durable steel bracket is delivered with M6 bolts and useful stickers to clearly mark the type of fuel your car uses, reducing the risk of using the wrong fuel. This bracket is versatile and can be welded or bolted to your chassis, tubes, or bars within your rear quarter panel or in your trunk, making refueling your car a breeze.
 High-grade steel, perfect for welding or bolting M6 threads and 5x stainless steel bolts included Fuel-type stickers included Easy installation for the Remote quick lock filler cap
Upgrade your vehicle’s fuel system with the Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap. Our 5-bolt pattern design makes installation a breeze, allowing you to secure the filler cap in both safe and easily accessible locations. With this accessory installed in a convenient spot, refilling your fuel cell equipped with a CFC Unit becomes quick and effortless, eliminating the need to fumble around in the trunk of your vehicle.

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