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Nuke Performance Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter

Nuke Performance Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter, the newest and smallest addition to the lineup of oil catch cans.
Universal single inlet and outlet oil catch can with internal baffling and with a new oversized semicircle 300-micron filter disc. Equipped with AN-10 ORB threads both for the inlet and outlet port. For motorsports, tuning, and street usage for any kind of vehicle that is in need of a crankcase gas catch can.
 0.25 liter catch can capacity 360° rotating stainless steel bracket Oversized 300-micron internal filter disc AN-10 ORB inlet / outlet, for the highest possible flow Easy drainage through the 1/4″ drainage plug Dipstick for fast and easy reading of internal level
The Nuke Performance Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter (1,05 US cups) is the newest addition to the oil catch can lineup, and thanks to its small form factor it suits your every engine bay, a perfect complement to the bigger dual-inlet catch cans from Nuke Performance. Can be used for both atmospheric and recirculating setups.
World-class internal filtration with the oversized internal 300-micron filter disc, maximum functionality in a small form factor.The unique internals prevents particles from escaping the oil catch can, thanks to its internal 300-micron filter disc that is used for both atmospheric and recirculating installation. The internal filter dis makes sure to filter your crankcase gasses, and gives you outstanding filtration which saves your engine in the short and long run.
Using a universal oil catch can for your engine prevents contamination buildup, enhances engine performance by cleaning up the intake air, and being able to measure the contamination level gives you an oportunity to keep an eye on the wear and health of your engine.
This new addition to the Nuke Performance oil catch can lineup offer the same quality and function but in a much smaller design.
The 0.25 liter capacity is perfect for everyday vehicles and is a perfect complement to the bigger catch cans that Nuke Performance offers for motorsports applications, such as the lightweight real-carbon 0.75 liter catch can with dual inlets.
The Universal Catch Can 0.25 liter from Nuke Performance manages to use oversized AN-10 ORB threaded inlet and outlet ports thanks to its clever design. This widens the application range thanks to being able to coop with high crankcase gas flow with only a single inlet and outlet. The ORB fittings are available in various sizes and options and are sold separately as accessories.

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