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DCT shifter 270GT

This shifter was created with motorsport use in mind. Every product is built with care to satisfy our high standards for quality and performance. We are proud to be able to say that every one of our products are manufactured 100% in Sweden.

The majority of aftermarket transmission controllers, including Turbo Lamik, HTG, Canformance, Maxxecu, and more, are compatible with our shifters. It will therefore perfectly suit your needs for a sequential shifter whether you have it in a simulator or with an 8HP, DCT, PDK, or DSG.

Composed of 6082-T6 aluminum. This gives you the impression of a tight, unique sequential shifter. There are two internal switches—upshift and downshift—that are wired to the M8 connector located outside the chassis. includes a two-meter cord.

Installing the shifter to your gearbox controller is simple and just requires three wires (5v +/-, switch1, switch2).

Height: 270mm

Lenght: 145mm

Width: 86mm

Weight: 1210g

Lever: Aluminium

Knob: Delrin M16x1.75

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